The love to share our culture is at the core of what it’s all about at Van Mieu Deli. The back-yard of the restaurant sittuates the kitchen. There Chef Manh prepares all the delicious dishes. The service staff provides a good and relaxed atmosphere so you will feel totally at home.

Manh | Head Chef and owner

Ninh | Development Chef

Service Team

Manh is our Head Chef. Fresh local ingredients, classic cooking techniques, and his Hanioan Style heritage, inspire Manh’s menus. On his days off, you’ll find Manh tending to his half-acre garden, or visiting other farmers and producers in the outskirts of Hanoi.

Along with keeping Van Mieu Deli in line, Ninh keeps the kitchen flowing, guests and staff happy, and always puts out beautiful food. He has a strong artistic and creative side, which enables him to always send out the most beautifully plated desserts and entrees. 

At Van Mieu Deli, our customers are our guests. We apply the same care, intuition and attention to our service as we do to our menus. Each member of our front-of-house team has a carefully trained talent for service that we have nurtured and developed.

N.o 39 & 41 Van Mieu Str., Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (84) 347 135 195 - (84) 247 3060 788 - (84) 978 830 788